Connected Mercedes-Benz Vehicle in an urban canyon is sending data

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Imagine a world where free parking spaces are not only found by cruising around. road accidents are prevented before they happen. every pothole will be detected automatically. Electric Vehicles are part of the energy infrastructure. swarm intelligence is driving your business. stolen or damaged road signs are identified automatically. EV charging points are build where they are needed.


Mobility Data Space x Mercedes-Benz partner event at Mercedes-Benz Museum
Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services' API solution wins 2023 DEVIES Award as Best Innovation in "Services: Strategic & Technical"
DATANIGHT 2022 by Mercedes-Benz was a full success
Validated traffic sign detection via the Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet - Check out our new Mercedes-Benz Data product.
“Any innovation is about solving real-life problems.”
Mercedes-Benz wins landmark road monitoring programme in the Netherlands

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