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Organization & Mission

Learn more about our mission and the organization behind Mercedes-Benz Data

What is Mercedes-Benz Data?

Mercedes-Benz Data is all about using anonymized vehicle data to come up with smart solutions for businesses and cities. The trust and consent of our customers are our foundation. Teaming up closely with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH, we are all about understanding what our partners need. We take that anonymized vehicle data and turn it into something meaningful for people, communities, and the planet.

What is our Mission?

The car is more! We see cars as more than just vehicles. With all their sensors, they are extra eyes on the road. We use the anonymized data from our Mercedes-Benz fleet to offer unique insights that really matter, but only with the consent of the vehicle owner. Whether it is improving road safety and urban traffic flow, supporting the smart grid infrastructure or providing insights on available parking spaces: there are many examples of intelligent solutions that we are working on together with our trustworthy partners. By making it as easy as possible to consume our data products either through APIs or Ready-to-use products, we make our customers' success our top priority. Because their success is what drives us.

The connected car

The best data to fuel your applications – the best or nothing.

When it comes to vehicle design, we make sure all customer needs are met. This is also the case for our data products. Benefit from high-quality data provided by the world’s leading car manufacturer.


Get access to real-time data from our Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our vehicles are connected 24/7 to our back-end. Our high performing APIs make its use as convenient as possible.


By using highly sophisticated driver assistance systems, we not only ensure maximum safety and functionality for our passengers but also provide our Mercedes-Benz Data customers with high-quality data. Thanks to our state-of-the-art sensors, we can provide customers of Mercedes-Benz Data products with extremely precise data.


Both our vehicles and back-end systems are engineered with a high focus on security. We ensure that only authorized parties have access to our data products.

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Data handling

3 principles for the responsible handling of data

Mercedes-Benz has been setting benchmarks for active and passive vehicle safety ever since the 1950s. At Mercedes-Benz Data it is important to us that our customers and business partners can trust that their data is handled responsibly and securely. Learn more about our Data Principles and our Data Handling.

We create transparency


Our customer has datasovereignty


We protect the privacy of our customers


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