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Urban mobility solutions for the smart cities of tomorrow

Shaping intelligent and sustainable urban mobility for today and for future generations

Urban mobility solutions for the cities of tomorrow

Today's road network challenges are highly complex and will become even more complex in the future. It is time to rethink urban mobility – again. We have been speaking with several regions, public road authorities, city planners, cities and, above all, citizens. The challenges and the need for solutions always look similar and center around four recurring topics: urban mobility must be safer, more efficient, more sustainable and easily accessible.

To meet those needs, Mercedes-Benz brings urban functionalities into the vehicles that address the specific requirements in a dynamically changing urban environment.

For the challenges of today

As an end-to-end mobility integrator, we can successfully address any urban mobility challenge:

Improving & optimizing

safety and traffic flows

Holistic solutions

for cities and other urban players


with cities and partners for context-based solutions

Our Offering

Our most powerful products to shape the cities of tomorrow

The Data Dashboard

The power of vehicle data: Mercedes-Benz Data Dashboard

With our Mercedes-Benz vehicle data we offer solutions on safety, infrastructure, traffic and micro-weather.

To meet cities’ goals of efficient, safe and clean urban transportation, data-driven decision making will be a key enabler. At Mercedes-Benz we strongly believe that our vehicle data can make a significant contribution to improve safety in urban traffic, create transparency and increase efficiency in decision making. Therefore, we created the Mercedes-Benz Data Dashboard and Mercedes-Benz City API that bundles our vehicle-data products to help cities in their operational and strategic decision-making in the areas of safety, traffic, infrastructure analytics and micro-weather.

The Mercedes-Benz Data Dashboard and API offers multiple data product layers in an easy-to-use interface with multiple functionalities.

Mercedes-Benz Data Dashboard showing safety and slippery road hotspots on a map
Everything in the view: the Data Dashboard provides and analyses real-time data so you can make the right decisions.
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