Illustration of five cars connected to two charging towers – representing data solutions for energy providers with Mercedes-Benz Data

Data Solutions for Energy Providers

Gather strategic information about energy consumption and infrastructure

Data enables better electric vehicle infrastructure

Nowadays the car is becoming intelligent and electric – which is challenging the electricity ecosystem. Data provides help and insights, both individually and on a grid-wide level.

For example, make more targeted investments in the expansion of the power grid by analyzing the amount of electricity actually charged. Or ensure a demand-optimized expansion of the charging station network based on the potential charging volume of electric vehicles. Many other interesting use cases result from the combination of our and your data products.

Gain insights on all levels, be it grid-wide or customer-specific

Data provides you with data on the energy consumption of the vehicle fleet. Whether electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid vehicle or combustion engine vehicle, whether grid-wide anonymized or individualized: Data covers your needs, including authorized data sharing by drivers.

Charging potential


Upgrade infrastructure where it's most critical

Grid load


Secure your grids for EV loads

Energy consumption


Make flexible offers to your customers based on their individual consumption

Our offering

Data covers all energy data needs

With a drivetrain mix ranging from plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and purely battery-electric vehicles, data needs are more complex than ever. Energy Data products offer help and insights on an individual and grid-wide level.

Success Stories

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The Data Dashboard

The power of vehicle data: Data Dashboard

With our vehicle data we offer solutions on safety, infrastructure, traffic and micro-weather.

To meet cities’ goals of efficient, safe and clean urban transportation, data-driven decision making will be a key enabler. At we strongly believe that our vehicle data can make a significant contribution to improve safety in urban traffic, create transparency and increase efficiency in decision making.

Therefore, we created the Data Dashboard and City API that bundles our vehicle-data products. The Data Dashboard and API offers multiple data product layers in an easy-to-use interface with multiple functionalities.

Benefit from detailed insights and analysis options around charging potentials and grid load.

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