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Just launched: Mercedes-Benz Data Traffic Signs product

The Traffic Signs data product offers our B2B and B2G customers an efficient way of monitoring the current traffic sign network and receiving ad-hoc notifications as soon as traffic signs are damaged or even lost. This does not only improve infrastructure related use-cases but also helps to improve road safety for all of us.

How does it work?

Through a Pull API our B2B / B2G customers get access to anonymized and validated traffic signs data from the Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet. Mercedes-Benz vehicles with drivers assistance packages based on the detection via camera sensors share their data if the vehicle owner has given explicit consent to do so.

These sensors not only recognize the type, the value and shape of the road sign, but also the heading of the sign and its permanency (e.g. static or LED sign). In addition to the exact sign data, this API also informs about the GPS position and the time stamp. Additionally, we deliver the data point confidence level to give you a feeling about the accuracy of our detection.

Paving the way for a data-driven optimization of road safety

The information you, as our data customer, can now access through our API creates tremendous value for your institution or company and for society as a whole. We look forward to exploring innovative use cases with you to make road infrastructure safer and more efficient.

Responsible data handling

At Mercedes-Benz we handle data responsibly, that's why the data is always anonymized and only transmitted from vehicles for which the vehicle owner has given consent. Read more about it here: data handling.

Also available: API trial version

Explore all capabilities of the Traffic Sign API in a real world environment and with real data. Subscribe to our trial version.

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