The power of vehicle data: our City Dashboard

Benefit from our safety, infrastructure, traffic, parking, and micro-weather data to increase your capacity for holistic diagnostics and data-based decision making.

Making the right decisions based on comprehensive data

To meet cities’ goals of efficient, safe and clean urban transportation, data-driven decision making will be a key enabler. At Mercedes-Benz we strongly believe that our vehicle data can make a significant contribution to improve safety in urban traffic, create transparency and increase efficiency in decision making. Therefore, we created the City Dashboard combining several of our Mercedes-Benz Data APIs to help cities in their operational and strategic decision-making in the areas of safety, traffic, infrastructure analytics and micro-weather.

The City Dashboard and API offers multiple data product layers in an easy-to-use interface with multiple functionalities.

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The Mercedes-Benz City Dashboard offers a wide range of data and functionalities to help you improve your operations and processes.


For individual needs

Data & insights through Mercedes-Benz API or Dashboard



One dashboard for all information at a glance


Easy installation

No additional hard- and software required



Extend the dashboard with your own data input



Mobile version can be used in field operation


High standards for data security

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The product

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1. Various city-specific data products in one convenient user interface

With our established Car-to-X technology, Mercedes-Benz vehicles communicate between each other and the transport infrastructure. The vehicle fleet continuously scans and evaluates the road infrastructure and its environment to detect potholes and other damages, slippery roads and safety hotspots, existing and missing traffic signs, parking space utilisation and other changes in real-time. The data is analysed in our backend and uses the swarm intelligence of our fleet to track and predict changes over time. To help you make the right decisions.

2. Easy installation

The ready-to-use application is easy to install and simple to operate without programming knowledge. The City Dashboard does not require any additional hardware and it allows the integration of additional external data sources.

3. Data protection

Safety and security have always been of utmost importance to Mercedes-Benz in both the physical and the digital world. We naturally extend our high safety and quality expectations from the physical into the digital world and therefore handle data with the same care we are known for applying in our vehicles.

Customers provide their explicit consent to share their anonymized data for the data products included in our City Dashboard. Only data from vehicles and customers who provided their consent are used. Through the Mercedes-Benz Data Privacy Center the customers always have full transparency on their data and control over their data use.

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One tool, many possibilities

Take a look at the features and benefits the individual components of the City Dashboard offers you as a city or transport planner.

Road Safety: detected hotspots are evaluated based on a risk model taking various metrics and additional data sources into consideration.
Slippery Roads: profit from the crowd intelligence of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet as moving micro-weather stations to detect dangerous road sections.
Predictive Infrastructure: identification of smallest surface damages and alerts on potholes, which pose an urgent risk.
Traffic Signs: holistic overview of intact, missing and damaged traffic signs in the region – for shorter reaction times to necessary corrections.
API Overview

The City Dashboard: a bundle of our most powerful data products, ready-to-use for you

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