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Realize potential savings, cut costs and make fleet processes more transparent.

Connectivity solutions for Fleet and Business customers

With connect business, we offer a holistic portal solutions that displays the most important fleet vehicle indicators within different dashboards.

  • The dashboards and data displayed depend on the services activated.

  • We offer different connect business services to our customers that cover various use cases. Each service can be activated individually on vehicle-level.


Profit from the complete package

Our web-based connect business portal is available for fleet managers in order to optimize fleet control. Static and dynamic vehicle data give a holistic overview of the entire fleet.

  • Relevant real-time KPIs for automating processes at the push of a button and increased transparency

  • Sustainable fleet management through monitoring of co2 emissions and forecast

  • Automatic push notification if the vehicle data deviate from the norm

  • Vehicle position monitoring including geofencing for optimised vehicle operations and the prevention of theft and fraud

  • Ensuring the operational readiness of the fleet through proactive maintenance management by means of diagnostic data

  • Avoidance of additional leasing payments thanks to intelligent forecast and precise contract termination rates

The product

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Everything at a glance

Customers benefit from real-time vehicle data at the push of a button. All relevant fleet indicators from connected vehicles are bundled on the connect business portal and clearly displayed in various dashbaords, graphs and tables.

Safe data transfer and handling

As a provider, we act as an order data processor. This means, we only receive the data that is necessary for the provision of the desired services.

In order to prevent your data from manipulation, loss and unauthorized access, we apply highest standards when it comes to data protection and IT security following the high quality standards of Mercedes-Benz. Using three different security layers, we ensure that the system in the backend can never intervene with safety-relevant functions in the vehicle.

For existing customers

Please follow this way to access the portal:

connect business portal

Key figures at a glance: the dashboard of the connect business portal
Key figures at a glance: the dashboard of the connect business portal
How it works

Find the right services for your fleet and use case

1. Monitoring of CO2 emissions

With the Live CO2 Monitoring service, you can constantly monitor the development of the CO2 emissions of your vehicles, set target values and manage the vehicle fleet sustainably using forecasts of future emissions.

2. Vehicle condition and diagnostic data

Monitor the condition, diagnostic and maintenance-related data, such as mileage and tire pressure, of your fleet vehicles constantly in order to be able to react proactively and ensure the operational readiness of your fleet. This way you can save time and costs.

3. Utilization figures for PHEV

Optimize the use of your plug-in hybrid vehicles with the Vehicle Sustainability service. With the overview of the electrical driving share compared to the distances covered with the combustion engine as well as the representation of the charging frequency and other indicators, customers gain important information on how to use the vehicles.

4. GPS data

With Vehicle Logistics you always know the current positions of your business vehicles and will automatically be notified when a vehicle arrives or leaves a specified destination or area. This way, you can reduce downtimes and increase the usage of your vehicles.

5. Trip List

With our service Vehicle Trip Record, all connected vehicles automatically generate a holistic overview of all trips made. The lists can be filtered by driver, vehicle, driving mode and distance covered. Drivers can switch easily between private, commute and business mode. Trips can be exported easily from the connect business app.

6. Real-time traffic data

The service Live Traffic Information improves navigation by instant integration of real-time traffic data and enables dynamic route guidance with your Mercedes-Benz - even if there are only minor changes or impediments on your route.

Monitoring of CO2 emissions with the service Live CO2 Monitoring
Monitoring of CO2 emissions with the service Live CO2 Monitoring
Vehicle condition and diagnostic data with the service Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance
Vehicle condition and diagnostic data with the service Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance
Utilization figures for PHEVs with the service Vehicle Sustainability
Utilization figures for PHEVs with the service Vehicle Sustainability
GPS data with the service Vehicle Logistics
GPS data with the service Vehicle Logistics
Trip overview with the service Vehicle Trip Record
Trip overview with the service Vehicle Trip Record
Cross-brand usage

Does your fleet consist of different vehicle brands and models?

Mercedes-Benz vehicles have the communication module that is required for connect business already installed ex works and the services can be activated directly. For other brands and models we offer two cross-brand retrofit solutions.

GPS-based services with the connect business EXPERT

With the connect business EXPERT, customers can make use of the GPS and trip data of their vehicles. The retrofit solution is compatible with any vehicle that has a 12 or 24 volt supply battery.

Diagnostic data with the connect business GENIUS

The connect business GENIUS offers you not only the usage of GPS data, but also the possibility to raise diagnostic, consumption and condition data of your vehicles. A large number of vehicle models is supported, this is continuously expanded.

We are happy to discuss the possible use cases and vehicle compatibility in a joint appointment!

Simply leave your contact details and we will contact you directly.

connect business EXPERT
connect business EXPERT
connect business GENIUS
connect business GENIUS

Pacura med benefits from leasing monitoring and optimized vehicle use

With the clear leasing monitoring of the service Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance, the personnel service provider Pacura Med avoids costs for additional kilometers at the end of the leasing contract. Transparency towards the employees in sales is also important to the company.

With the real-time data from the vehicles, I can clearly show everyone whether they are using the vehicle efficiently and planning appointments and routes optimally.

David Endres,
Head of Organization & Processes Pacura med


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the questions our customers ask us about this product

What requirements do I have to meet in order to use connect business?

The prerequisite for the accessibility of our connect business portal is a signed framework contract between the customer and the provider Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH. After that vehicles will be connected to the portal and you are able to activate the desired services yourself.

Can the individual services be combined with one another?

Yes, of course. Each connect business can be activated individually on vehicle level. There is no minimum or maximum purchase per vehicle nor any combination barrier. This way, you can activate one single service for one vehicle and all of them for another one.

What do the connect business services cost and how are they billed?

Our sales team will be happy to make you an individual offer for your fleet and give you more detailed information on our services. Please use the contact form to get in touch with us.
For the services, which can be purchased individually at vehicle level, you will receive a monthly invoice.

Is there any way to test the portal?

Yes, there is. You can test the connect business portal with real vehicles from your own fleet for a determined trial period. Our sales team will be happy to help you with that matter.

Which vehicle models are supported?

In general, it is possible to use connect business with a vehicle that has a corresponding communication module. The availability of the data depends on the compatibility of the vehicle and should be checked individually. Our product can be used for various Mercedes-Benz Cars and Vans.

In which countries can I use connect business?

Currently, connect business can be used in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

How are my data protected?

Using three different security layers, we ensure that the system in the backend can never intervene with safety-relevant functions in the vehicle.

Security layer 1:
The vehicle’s integrated communication module is equipped with a crash safe embedded SIM card. Therewith, vehicle data such as mileage and service intervals is carried via the mobile network to the vehicle backend. Data is transferred via a proprietary protocol point-to-point using a SSL-encrypted VPN channel.

Security layer 2:
The encrypted vehicle data and the likewise encrypted customer and driver data are merged on the connect business platform. The second security layer is responsible for data separation and an additional encryption with AES 256. Doing so, it is ensured that vehicle and driver data are always separate.

Security layer 3:
Using different frontends such as the connect business portal, the connect business driver’s app and other interfaces one can access data stored in the vehicle backend based on a role-right-matrix. The data transfer is SSL-encrypted as well.


For personal consultations and live demonstration of the portal

We look forward to show you the various function of connect business within the live version. Please leave your contact details and we get back to you as soon as possible.

Further information

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