Electric Vehicle Status

Get real-time charging insights from battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and remotely control charging

Enable smart charging services for Mercedes-Benz drivers

Our push API Electric Vehicle Status provides you with status data from individual Mercedes-Benz battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This data will be updated near real-time and pushed to you based on relevant events to enable smart charging solutions.

Get access to all relevant meta data on your customers charging in order to provide them with the perfect smart charging experience. Help them understand the cost, speed and mode of their charging or go even one step further: Issue stop and start charging commands to a customers vehicle to create a truly integrated smart charging experience for them. Turn your customer's Mercedes-Benz into an active part of their energy management and make charging more sustainable, cheaper and more convenient for them.


For detailed technical information, specifications, sandbox environments and access options please visit our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Data Points

What data access does the API offer?

Combine access to different data points for your offer to Mercedes-Benz drivers.

  • State of charge (electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles)

  • Electrical Range

  • Odometer

  • Geolocation

  • Status of current charging session

  • Projected end of charging session

  • Next departure time

  • Charging power

  • Command: Start Charging [new]

  • Command: Stop Charging [new]

The product

Learn more about the API and its use cases

Electric Vehicle Status enables you to make charging smarter for various use cases:

1. Home charging
  • Integrate with time-of-use or solar charging tariffs - independent of hardware installed at your customer's home

  • Receive relevant charging data

2. Energy management
  • Integrate Mercedes-Benz vehicles into Home Energy Management Systems (Smart Home)

  • Receive the current charging needs and charging power

  • Optimize load balancing with regard to energy consumption

3. Insights
  • Provide your customers with insights into their charging behavior

I particularly like the convenience you can offer your customers with the Electric Vehicle Status API: Just a few clicks and their Mercedes talks to the smart charging infrastructure.

Carsten Kaefert
Product Owner for EV related data products at Mercedes-Benz


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the questions our customers ask us about this product:

How can my customers register their Mercedes-Benz for this service?

User registration is done via a simple and convenient OAuth2 flow that your customers probably already know from other online services. They enter their VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), confirm their login details and grant you access to the above data points with just a few clicks.

How often can I access my customers data?

As this is a push API, you will get notified every time your customer charges their vehicle – no matter how often that is. During a charge, you will get updates every two minutes.

For which vehicles is this API available?

Electric Vehicle Status is available for almost all battery-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. You can find a detailed list here.

Which data points are included in Electric Vehicle Status?

The API covers all important data attributes for smart charging applications, including state of charge, range, odometer, geolocation, status of current charging session, projected end of charging session, next departure time and charging power

Does the customer need additional hard- or software to share their data?

All the customer needs is a compatible Mercedes-Benz vehicle and an active Mercedes me account.

How can I control the charging of a customer's vehicle?

For all vehicles enrolled in Electric Vehicle Status 3.0, you can simply issue stop- and start charging commands as defined in the Command API description


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