Energy Data

Get insights into actual grid load and charging potential within specific geographic areas!

Get to know where the charging network needs extension

Our pull API provides you with aggregated charging data from Mercedes-Benz battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This data will be aggregated for-30-minute increments and provided for geographic areas defined by you to show actual grid load and charging potential.

You yourself define the geographical regions (geo-polygons) for which we provide the near real-time charging data of the connected Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet. Because you know your network, your charging network and your business best. So you benefit from a valid decision-making basis for targeted investments in the expansion of the electricity grid and charging station network.


For detailed technical information and access options please visit our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal

Data points

What data access does the API offer?

  • Number of vehicles

  • Peak charging power

  • Average charging power

  • Total charged energy

  • Total parked battery capacity

Data security has priority: We only use anonymized status data from vehicles whose drivers have given their consent. This means that most Mercedes-Benz vehicles with electrified powertrains contribute data for maximum coverage. For reasons of anonymization, we must insist that your selected geo-polygons are at least 200 m wide and do not overlap.

The product

Learn more about the API and its use cases

Energy Data offers you an individualized insight into the real load caused on your grid caused by EV charging – and up-to-date information where the charging network needs extension.

1. Potential for cost savings

Today’s challenge is that utilities and grid operators have to make great investments into upgrading the „last mile“ infrastructure. With Energy Data we can help to …

  • … prevent E-Blackouts

  • … minimize or prioritize investments

2. Strategic optimization of the charging infrastructure

Currently great investments into the EV charging infrastructure are necessary. With our data products you can …

  • … reliably identify areas under-supplied with charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

  • … focus on the development of charging station network on the most relevant areas

Benefit from detailed insights into grid load in geographic areas relevant to you.
Get an overview of relevant charging data for your coverage area.
Find out where charging need is highest in geographic areas relevant to you.
Success story

How did DigiKoo benefit from our Energy Data product?

With our data, DigiKoo is analyzing, among other things, the standing or charging times of vehicles. Enriched with information on energy usage and demand, the company can determine current high or excess demand for electric vehicle charging points. Furthermore, the additional data available enables improved localized forecasts on energy demand.

With this promising partnership, Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services and DigiKoo are driving the electric transformation in mobility. We look forward to leveraging this innovation together with Germany's power grid operators for the targeted expansion of the charging infrastructure.

Martin Möller
Managing Director DigiKoo GmbH


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