Hazard Warnings

Benefit from real-time event data from the connected Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet to warn road users of various dangerous situations.

Retrieve aggregated data about local hazards – from accident to fog warnings

The Hazard Warnings product allows you to retrieve anonymized event data about local hazards from the Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet. The dataset contains of different types of safety-related events, ranging from dangerous traffic events to local weather conditions.

  • Show your customers or residents immediate hazards on the road - whether motorists or other road users

  • Increase general and individual traffic safety

  • Optimize navigation services or traffic messages (radio station, traffic app, etc.) with valuable real-time road safety data

  • Provide your customers with constant updates about their safety in road traffic


For detailed technical information, specifications, sandbox environments and access options please visit our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Data points

What data access does the API offer?

Optimize your applications, your customer and resident services, your navigation services or your traffic alerts using these data points:

  • Vehicle accident notification

  • Broken down vehicle warning

  • Slippery road warning

  • Pothole warning

  • Heavy rain warning

  • Fog/reduced visibility warning

  • Crosswind warning

  • Bump warning

  • Emergency breaking alert

  • General warnings

  • Hazard light notifications

The product

Learn more about the API

1. The API at a glance

Improve your customers' comfort and experience as well as road safety by incorporating event data generated by our advanced vehicle sensors.

2. Wide coverage of hazardous situations

The data consists of various events, such as dangerous traffic events or weather conditions (see data points above).

3. Anonymized data

Data is always transferred anonymized and only from vehicles for which there is a consent from the vehicle owner.

Use our data interface to increase the safety of road users through timely hazard warnings and optimize navigation services, for example.
How it works

Increase safety based on real-time information

1. Identify dangerous traffic events

Based on their ABS and ESP sensors our connected Mercedes-Benz vehicles detect a wide variety of dangerous situations, e.g. slippery roads via tire sensors, broken down vehicles on the emergency lane or accidents that have just happened. These and other events are transmitted to the Mercedes-Benz Data backend and made available to our customers in anonymized form.

2. Get information about weather conditions

Classic weather service data does not capture local road sections, the sensor technology of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet helps out here. If the vehicle sensors identify heavy rainfall, fog or dangerous crosswinds, we are happy to make this data available to increase safety on the roads.

Learn about the Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet from potholes, among other things, perceived by the vehicle sensors. Valuable information for your customers.
Warn about slippery roads using our real-time sensor data to protect road users in the immediate vicinity from the hazard.
Do not allow motorists to drive into poor visibility conditions without timely warning.

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a collection of questions we’ve been asked by our customers.

What is the data source?

Data is coming from the Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet (Passenger Cars & Vans). Based on the ABS and ESP sensors we generate information on hazard warnings.

How do you exclude “false positive” events?

We have an algorithm in our back-end that validates the events based on engine types, temperature etc.

Is crosswind included in your data set?

Yes, crosswind is included within our Hazard Warning product. To get more details about the data format get in touch with our business team to receive sample data.

Is the Hazard Warning product provided in real-time?

Hazard Warnings API can be provided in real-time via Push API or via a Pull API. For the Pull API you can decide on how often to pull data from the API. In case your use case requires a Push API please contact our business team.

Are you offering historical data?

Not in the Hazard Warning product, but we offer analyzed Hazard Warning data based on historical data within our Road Safety product. For more details get in contact with our business team.

Is it possible to get a trial version / sample of the data?

Yes, it is possible to get sample data for every data product. Please get in touch with our business team to get the sample data.

Which data sources contains the data of this product?

All data is coming from the Mercedes-Benz customer fleet (Passenger Car and Van). Data will be provided if the purpose of the data usage fits with the Mercedes-Benz Data Vision to create with data a greater good.

Can you provide data for whole countries?

Yes, we can provide the data products for several countries. Please check out the product detail page on Mercedes-Benz /developers to get an overview about the data coverage per country for this product.

How large is your fleet / vehicle coverage in a specific country/city?

Due to antitrust law and data protection, we cannot share exact figures of vehicles driving around. We could offer you to check the numbers of data points in a defined period.

Do you have restrictions in the selection of your customers?

Our goal as Mercedes-Benz Data is to pave the way for a data-driven automotive world. Always with the focus on providing our customers the greatest added value through new, personalized services. That’s why we work together with selected partners always under protection of the customer rights.


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