Pay As You Drive

Utilize accurate information about the timestamp, odometer status and geo position of a connected vehicle to optimize processes for you and your customers.

Retrieve timestamp, odometer status and geo position information remotely

With Pay As You Drive the individual driving style can be queried and therefore the customer can be offered the appropriate insurance rates.

The days of uniform insurance rates were yesterday - Pay As You Drive enables an innovative usage-based insurance service and fulfills the desire of vehicle users to insure their vehicle based on personal usage. By requesting information such as the duration, time and areas a vehicle is driven, the insurance rate can be perfectly adjusted to the driving characteristics of the vehicle users. Pay As You Drive rewards those who drive less, e.g. with savings on their premiums.


For detailed technical information, specifications, sandbox environments and access options please visit our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Data points

Data point access of the API

Retrieve odometer, time stamp data & geo data readings remotely - without a dongle. You can offer usage and behavioral based insurcance services by gaining access to these data points.

  • Odometer

  • Time Stamp

  • New: Geo Position

The addition of the geo position makes it possible for the insurer to offer even more individualized rates.

The product

Learn more about the API and its use cases

The API at glance

Vehicle users can easily activate Pay As You Drive in their own systems and allow the collection of the data into the risk assessment process. This gives insurers the opportunity to offer their customers highly individualized insurance rates based on usage behavior and reward them for mindful driving. Risk assessment has never been so easy and so accurate.

Advantages for insurers and insureds

By using Pay As You Drive, insurers can record how often, at what times and in what areas a vehicle is driven in order to take this into account when calculating the insurance rate. Insurers can thus reward careful driving by their customers.

No hardware and software needed

The Mercedes-Benz driver does not need any additional hardware to benefit from fairer or even cheaper insurance rates.

Connected Mercedes-Benz car and smartphone representing a By Miles insurance show case with Mercedes-Benz Data
By Miles – UK’s leading pay-by-mile car insurance provider – uses the Mercedes-Benz “Pay As You Drive Insurance” product
How it works

Functions and features of the Pay As You Drive

1. Data Release

The driver activates three Mercedes me services and gives consent for the data to be used by a third party - the insurer. The data includes timestamp, mileage, and geographic location of each start and end of a trip.

The personalized data can be validated and aggregated via our developed algorithms.

2. Data Collection

After giving consent, the driver activates the Pay As You Drive service. The insurer is notified by the PUSH API and can offer individualized insurance rates to the customer based on the vehicle identification number (VIN).

3. Data Security

Data protection is our top priority. We only use data from customers who have given their consent to share their anonymized data for this specific use case. The customer can revoke this consent at any time. We also anonymize the data by deleting all personal information as soon as the data enters our backend.

Illustration of a connected car with secured cloud-based data transfer via API
To achieve legally secured cloud-based data transfer via API…
Illustration of a padlock representing API data transfer permission by a Mercedes-Benz customer
…the customer gives permission during the ongoing process.
Illustration of a shield and an insurance contract on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub
The insurancer is now entitled to use the customer's data for individualized insurance premium ...
Illustration of a car and the data transfer of its mileage with a Mercedes-Benz Data API
… and the customer's odometer can now be read out as part of the contractual relationship.
Success story

By Miles pay-by-mile car insurance: efficient hardware savings

By Miles – UK's leading pay-by-mile car insurance provider – uses the Mercedes-Benz “Pay As You Drive Insurance” product, giving them easy access to the mileometer (odometer) readings of connected Mercedes-Benz cars.

With the Mercedes-Benz API, we were able to simplify and shorten the onboarding process for the customer and for us – so we can bring fairer car insurance to more drivers, much faster.

Matt Tortolani,
Head of Development at By Miles


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the questions our customers ask us about this product:

Why should I obtain the data via Mercedes-Benz Data?

There are several good reasons: no additional hardware is required, such as an OBD 2 dongle or GPS black box. In addition, the data is very precise, cannot be manipulated and can be retrieved in real time at any time. In addition, our API interface can be embedded directly into your system without additional software.

How does the embedding into my application work?

You can find a simple step-by-step guide on how to embed the API in your application on the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

For which models is the API available?

The PAYD product is available for all telematics-enabled Mercedes-Benz vehicles (passenger cars and vans).

For a detailed model list, visit the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

What do I have to consider legally or how is the transfer of data legally guaranteed?

The prerequisite for the accessibility of data is a connectivity contract of the end customer with Mercedes-Benz AG or one of its sales organizations. Please remember that permission for data access is subject to the respective master user of the connectivity contract of the vehicle. 

Further information about available connectivity services can be found in the following:

For passenger car customers: Mercedes me

Mercedes me: this product requires the following services to be active for the requested vehicle.

  • Interface to Third-Party Providers
  • Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status

Note: Please be aware that the scope of use for this product is limited to insurance-related applications.

How much does the data cost?

To learn more about our pricing model, please contact our product experts directly.


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