Predictive Infrastructure

Monitoring and evaluating infrastructure with high quality data from our Mercedes-Benz customer fleet.

Leveraging vehicle data for a better and safer road infrastructure

Road authorities and road maintenance departments today mostly rely on manual approaches to monitor and maintain the road infrastructure and assets. This results in high internal and external costs and immense efforts to keep the information up-to-date. However, the data quickly becomes outdated and ad-hoc changes are hard to monitor.

Our Mercedes-Benz Predictive Infrastructure Product supports road authorities in monitoring and evaluating the infrastructure with high quality data from our Mercedes-Benz customer fleet.

The car sensors detect changes in real-time and send alerts and hazard warnings to the Mercedes-Benz backend.

With the power of the fleet we understand the development of the infrastructure over the time and with artificial intelligence we predict the next damage in your road network.

Ready-to-use Data Dashboard

This data product is available as a data layer within the Mercedes-Benz Data Dashboard. Visit the product page for more information.


  • Transparency: Displaying data insights by providing detailed information about the status of the road infrastructure.

  • Historical and predictive analytics: Understand how the road infrastructure changes over time. Compare historical developments with future predictions based on artificial intelligence.

  • Data validity: Highly accurate data due to swarm intelligence and the power of the fleet ensure high information quality.

  • Various dashboard functions: Many functions such as historical analysis, uploading of 3rd party data, use various filter options for precise analytics.

  • Ad-hoc operations & strategic planning: Use the dashboard for your operational day-to-day business or strategic planning for the next winter season by analyzing historical data.

The product

Monitoring and evaluating the road infrastructure

Vehicles continuously scan and evaluate the road infrastructure and its environment to detect damages. With our advanced vehicle sensors, we detect minimal damages and real-time changes. The data are analyzed in our backend and leverage our fleet’s swarm intelligence to track and predict changes over time.

Surfaces & Damages, Potholes

Identification of smallest surface damages and alerts on potholes, which pose an urgent risk. Tracking and prediction of development over time.

Longitudinal Waviness

Measurement of the longitudinal road profile according to the international index IRI and AUN for pavement performance modelling.

Traffic Sign Map

Creation of a traffic sign catalog with a highly accurate mapping and ad-hoc alerts if traffic signs get damaged or stolen.

Lane Marking Quality

Evaluation on lane marking quality with respect to different scenarios (day/night, rain/dry) and development over time.

Notebook on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub showing a map with relevant infrastructure hotspots
Map with relevant Infrastructure Hotspots
How it works

Functions and features of the Predictive Infrastructure Product

1. Collect

Detection of infrastructure status (e.g. traffic sign or surface damage) via Mercedes-Benz customer fleet through advanced sensors such as camera or ultra-sonic sensors. Transmission of data over-the-air to the Mercedes-Benz Vehicle backend.

2. Analysis

The Mercedes-Benz Predictive Infrastructure Algorithm evaluates infrastructure characteristics of multiple crossings leveraging swarm intelligence of the fleet. A multitude of crossings gives greater confidence and can track changes over time.

3. Display

Results are accurately mapped on the dashboard with confidence level and data insights (e.g. type of traffic sign, quality level of lane marking, and damage type of street). The dashboard contains a multitude of functions such as filtering, own data integration and historical analysis.

4. Work

Use the dashboard for strategic planning and operational decision making, get ad-hoc warning on hazard events. Work with the dashboard in the field or to plan your budget allocations.

Predictive Infrastructure Dashboard screen on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub – showing a pothole hotspot
Search screen of Predictive Infrastructure Dashboard on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub
Missing traffic signs: statistics screen of Preditive Infrastructure Dashboard on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a collection of questions we’ve been asked by our customers.

Is the data displayed in real-time?

Near real-time, hazard warnings are displayed with a latency below 1 second. The data is transmitted from the vehicle to our backend and from the backend to the dashboard.

What is the data source?

The data comes from the Mercedes-Benz Car & Van customer fleet based on a multitude of sensors such as cameras, ultrasonic sensors as well as height level sensors.

How do you exclude “false positive” events?

We use our established Car-to-X technology. Our vehicles send the data via cellular radio / mobile communications.

Can you display further information on the dashboard?

Yes, external data sources can be displayed on the dashboard.

How is data protection handled and is the data anonymized?

We only use data from customers who provided their explicit consent. The data is anonymized and processed according to GDPR.

Can the data be integrated in other data sources?

We offer the data also via a Rest-API to integrate the product in existing customer solutions.


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