The perfect tool for car dealers: our Retailer Dashboard

Benefit from the vehicle-specific manual download of images and videos as well as equipment details on a VIN/FIN basis!

Vehicle sales made easy: your purchased API products Vehicle Images and Vehicle Specification in one convenient download tool

The Retailer Dashboard combines the marketing products Vehicle Images, Vehicle Videos and Vehicle Specification in one convenient user interface - for your immediate manual access to our vehicle-specific images and videos as well as equipment details. Without additional costs and effort, if you have already purchased the two API products.

The advantage for your business: You can put your sales vehicles "live" faster overall. In addition, the image and marketing data can be accessed fully automatically through the flexible integration of the APIs (data interfaces) into your existing sales systems.

The benefits

Your advantages at a glance

The Mercedes-Benz Retailer Dashboard offers a wide range of functionalities and benefits to help you make your vehicle sales even more efficient.

Save effort & costs

No need to produce your own photos and no need to collect marketing data yourself

Speed up processes

Images and equipment data can be called up manually immediately – vehicle "live" faster

Less storage time per car

Benefit from shorter sales intervals

Improve vehicle presentation

 The first impression influences the purchase decision

Comfortable user interface

Use different filter functions, e.g. vehicle display with/without background

The product

Retailer Dashboard: Access all the necessary image and equipment data that turns prospects into buyers

Want to boost your car sales? For an online car sales platform, attractive images and comprehensive vehicle information are key to showcasing inventory vehicles in the most impressive way possible while selling effectively. For your manual access to this image and text data and subsequent use, the Retailer Dashboard is the optimal solution.

Find all details and data points of the Vehicle Images and Vehicle Specification products used in the Vehicle Dashboard on the respective product pages.

The Retailer Dashboard offers numerous manual filtering options to help you get exactly the vehicle and equipment images you want.

Learn more about the Retailer Dashboard

Moving pictures say more than a thousand words: capture the benefits of the Retailer Dashboard in our short video.

API overview

The Retailer Dashboard: data products used at a glance

Get access

Your next steps to use the Retailer Dashboard

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1. Further information

Visit our product pages Vehicle Images and Vehicle Specification for detailed product information and inspiration.

2. Contact

Contact us for best advice and support.

3. Integration

Integrate the interfaces of the above API products or select the Retailer Dashboard to manually download the vehicle data/images.

4. Testing

Start testing the request of the images/videos and specifications.

5. Contract

Sign the contract with us and boost your retail processes and sales activities.


Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a collection of questions we’ve been asked by our customers.

How am I allowed to use the images, videos and equipment details?

You can use the images, videos and marketing data on your own website as well as in addition on any online sales platform of your market. Reusing the images and equipment data for e.g. leasing returns is also possible.

Is it possible to use and combine different packages?

Yes, you can make an individual decision for each vehicle and choose between different image packages (placeholder, basic, 360°, flatrate) as well as video package (flatrate) and equipment images (flatrate).

Which image and file formats are available?

You can choose between images in either 16:9 or 4:3 and file formats JPEG, PNG or WebP.

What testing possibilities do I have before buying access?

You can test all product packages with the test access ("Trial") based on real data - limited to 10 calls. Further up on this page you will find the link to the API and the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Are there any initial costs related to the usage of the Vehicle Images data product?

No – there are no initial costs for starting with the product (if you have chosen one of the on-demand packages Placeholder, Basic or 360°). You can use the Download Tool for an initial Pilot project with your customers.

How do I get access to a business package?

Further up on this page you will find the link to the API and the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal. On the product page under "Pricing" you will find all available product packages. You can get access via the "BUY" purchase process.


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