Road Safety Hotspots

With the safest cars in the world to the safest streets in the world - leveraging the power of data.

Be one-step ahead of accidents and turn from reactive to proactive planning

Cities worldwide are striving for Vision Zero to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. Still, too many people are killed or seriously injured in traffic. Cities have bold targets and we want to be part of the solution.

For Mercedes-Benz, as an innovation leader in the field of safety and driver assistance systems, the 'Vision of accident-free driving' is part of the company's DNA. Mercedes-Benz has been a pioneer in safety and assistance systems for decades and our vehicles have a multitude of sensors and assistance systems that make roads safer.

We are going one step further to leverage the data from the Mercedes-Benz assistance systems to identify, analyze and display critical safety hotspots in your street network helping you to take the right actions.

Based on high quality data from our ADAS sensors in the customer fleet, we generate a risk model that indicates safety critical situations and near-misses in traffic.


Our Road Safety Product identifies, displays and analyzes critical safety hotspots in your street network helping to take the right actions.

  • Transparency: Get a detailed overview of the most risky road safety hotspot in your area in one dashboard.

  • Measure your mitigations: Identify and measure the success of your mitigation measures to increase your road safety and quality.

  • From data to insights: displaying data insights by providing detailed information such as description of the situation, pedestrians or cyclists involved, peak times of interventions and a match with historical crashes.

  • Open technology: Option to integrate various products beyond Road Safety via plug-in technology.

  • Budget allocation: Implement the right safety measures and allocate the public safety budget efficiently.

  • Road Safety Report and Analysis: Many functions such as historical analysis and a quarterly Road Safety Report with in-depth analysis on your road safety hotspots.

The product

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Leverage the power of high quality ADAS-sensors of the Mercedes-Benz customer fleet to identify and analyze critical situations in traffic.

Calculation of a risk model

For the past several years, our Mercedes-Benz customer fleet has collected data when the assistance systems detect a critical situation in traffic, if our customers have provided their consent through the Mercedes-Benz Data Privacy Center.

Based on the huge amount of data collected, the Mercedes-Benz Road Safety Algorithm calculates a risk model and indicates the most critical safety hotspots in your city.

Deep-dive information for each safety hotspot

The safety hotspots are displayed on a digital map providing relevant information such as description of the situation, pedestrians or cyclists involved, peak times of interventions and a match with historical crashes.

These insights help you gain transparency on near-misses and critical situations in traffic that cannot be covered by traditional data. The tool helps you to make your streets safer by overcoming the weakness of reactive planning versus proactive planning.

Notebook on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub showing a map with relevant road safety hotspots
Map with relevant Road Safety Hotspots
How it works

Functions and features of the Road Safety Product

1. Data Collection

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with a high range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which support the driver and make the streets safer. Whenever an incident is detected by our vehicle assistance systems a full report describing the situation is send to our backend.

2. Analysis

Our Mercedes-Benz Road Safety Algorithm uses the swarm intelligence of the fleet and detects safety relevant hotspots by searching for signals of the same type accumulating at the same GPS position.

3. Risk Model

The detected hotspots are evaluated based on a risk model taking various metrics (e.g. intensity of intervention, duration of warning, infrastructure characteristics etc.) and additional data sources (e.g. historical crash data) into consideration.

4. True guidance & measurement of mitigations

Identify and display critical safety hotspots in your city where mitigation measures are required before a crash has happened to be one-step ahead. Being able to track mitigations over time by seeing data and incidents decreasing after implementation.

Road Safety Dashboard screen on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub – showing details of a critical hotspot
Search screen of Road Safety Dashboard on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub
Statistics screen of Road Safety Dashboard on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub

“Vision Zero” approach:
a collaboration with Transport for London (TfL)

Using Mercedes-Benz vehicle data to reduce crashes and improve safety for residents and visitors in London. London is a technology-focused city and city leaders were keen to identify new ways data could be used for good. Mercedes-Benz is part of that answer. Transport for London and Mercedes-Benz started the success story together – The Road Safety Product.

Transport for London Logo on Mercedes-Benz Data Hub
Following the “Vision Zero” Strategy all deaths and serious injuries from road collisions shall be eliminated from London’s streets by 2041. With Road Safety, we will be able to identify critical safety hotspots and derive the right mitigation measures. This digital tool makes a significant contribution to our Vision Zero Strategy

Transport for London


Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a collection of questions we’ve been asked by our customers.

What is the data source?

The data comes from our Mercedes-Benz customer fleet. As soon as our whole range of assistance systems recognize a critical situation in traffic, a report is send to the backend. Based on multiple incidents at the same GPS position over time we generate hotspots and analyze them for their risk factor using our advanced safety algorithm.

Do you use data sources beyond vehicle data?

Our main data source is our vehicle data. We enrich the vehicle data with additional data sources such as map and infrastructure characteristics and historical crash data to give more power to our safety algorithm. However, the algorithm also works with only vehicle data.

What do the results of the analyzed data show?

The analyzed hotspots provide insights on near-misses and safety critical situations at a specific GPS position including a concrete description and a derived risk score. Based on various risk metrics such as historical crashes, infrastructure characteristics, pedestrian and vehicle density etc. the score is calculated and provides actionable insights.

Who are your customers & partners?

Our reference partner is Transport for London. In close alignment with TfL we have developed the products bringing together expertise from the fields of safety, data and urban mobility together. The product is used now by various cities with different characteristics.

To which degree is the product customized to city specific needs?

Our analysis can be customized in an advanced version for specific city needs by taking into consideration further data sources or specific requirements such as a focus on pedestrian or cyclist interventions only. Looking forward to discussing opportunities with you in detail.

How do cities use the road safety product?

Cities use the road safety product complementary to various other tools to reach Vision Zero and reduce road fatalities to zero. The product creates transparency on safety critical hotspots where no historical crashes have occurred and shift the planning from reactive to proactive. Furthermore, the dashboard gives insights on the effect of mitigations put in place at specific hotspots by tracking the signal development over time.

How do you protect personal data?

We only use data from customers who provided their consent to sharing their anonymized data for this specific use case. The customer can withdraw anytime from this consent. Furthermore, we anonymize the data by deleting all personal information as soon as the data comes into our backend. Find out more about how we protect our customers' data on our data handling page.


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