Vehicle Images

Put your sales vehicles online faster – thanks to immediately available vehicle and equipment images as well as videos on a VIN/FIN basis.

Get access to computer-generated virtual copies of Mercedes-Benz and smart sales vehicles

Use innovative possibilities to boost car sales: For an online car sales platform, images are key for selling the stock cars quickly. With the Vehicle Images product you can seamlessly integrate original images into your solutions and enable customers to get a fascinating first impression of their desired Mercedes-Benz or smart.

The advantage for your business: You put your sales vehicles "live" faster overall – the vehicle and equipment images based on the vehicle identification number are immediately available. In this way, you noticeably shorten the time from receipt of the vehicle to its online presentation, while also saving costs for photo shootings. Shortened processes that impact your sales and profits.


For detailed technical information, specifications, sandbox environments and access options please visit our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Retailer Dashboard

The Retailer Dashboard (download tool) provides instant manual access to our vehicle images, equipment images and vehicle videos – for API subscribers at no additional costs or effort.

Data points

What data access does this product offer?

Improve your vehicle online offers with VIN-based data:

  • Equipment images & descriptions

  • Exact virtual copy of the car

  • Exterior & interior views

  • Vehicle videos

  • Day & night atmosphere

  • Multiple image formats

  • Trunk view

  • Exact vehicle colors

  • Multiple perspectives – enabling 360° view

  • Transparent or selectable background

The benefits

Your advantages at a glance

Car sales re-imagined: request only once and present the vehicle on any platforms you are using. Benefit from a small measure with great impact and convincing advantages for both you and your customers.

Inspire & generate leads

Fascinate your customers

Shortened processes

Images immediately available

Enhanced visualisation

First impression affects the purchase decision

Less storage time per car

Benefit from shorter sales intervals

Reduced costs

No own photo production needed

Advice: If you combine Vehicle Images with our Vehicle Specification product, you can also call up the equipment description for each sales vehicle based on the VIN/FIN.

The product

API or Retailer Dashboard: Impress your customers with the best visualization

Automated Interface:

The biggest advantages of the Vehicle Images come by integrating the API flexibly in any existing system so the images can be used completely automatically. Technical information can be found on our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Retailer Dashboard:

In addition to our API you can use the Retailer Dashboard (aka Vehicle Images Download-Tool). It offers an instant manual access to our images and videos without any additional costs and effort.

Meaningless placeholder images and inconsistent illustrations don not excite your prospects.
From now on show every car at its best – with different perspectives and highly realistic background option. Fast and easy implemented in your retail system environment.
The Retailer Dashboard offers numerous manual filtering options to help you get exactly the vehicle and equipment images you want.
Success story

Impress customers and boost car sales

Vehicle Images has been implemented in the two Sales DMS to automatically provide car dealers with high-resolution images

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Get access

Your next steps to get access to the product

We are happy to offer you a holistic presentation of our product in a personal consultation.

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1. Further information

Visit our portal for detailed product information and inspiration.

2. Contact

Contact us for best advice and support.

3. Integration

Integrate our interface for automatic supply of images or use our Retailer Dashboard.

4. Testing

Start testing the request of the computer-generated images with your customers.

5. Contract

Sign the contract with us and boost your retail processes and sales activities.


Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a collection of questions we’ve been asked by our customers.

How am I allowed to use the images?

You can use the images on your own website as well as in addition on any online sales platform of your market. Reusing the images for e.g. leasing returns is also possible.

Is it possible to use and combine different packages?

Yes, you can make an individual decision for each vehicle and choose between different image packages (placeholder, basic, 360°, flatrate) as well as video package (flatrate) and equipment images (flatrate).

Which image and file formats are available?

You can choose between images in either 16:9 or 4:3 and file formats JPEG, PNG or WebP.

What testing possibilities do I have before buying access?

You can test all product packages with the test access ("Trial") based on real data - limited to 10 calls. Further up on this page you will find the link to the API and the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Are there any initial costs related to the usage of the Vehicle Images data product?

No – there are no initial costs for starting with the product (if you have chosen one of the on-demand packages Placeholder, Basic or 360°). You can use the Download Tool for an initial Pilot project with your customers.

How do I get access to a business package?

Further up on this page you will find the link to the API and the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal. On the product page under "Pricing" you will find all available product packages. You can get access via the "BUY" purchase process.


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