Vehicle Specification

Impress potential car buyers and customers with vehicle-based marketing data including equipment details.

Save time & effort in online sales with automated access to VIN-/FIN-based vehicle specifications 

The Vehicle Specification API lets you easily illustrate the model overview and equipment details of any specific Mercedes-Benz or smart sales vehicle by the use of its unique VIN/FIN. The product enables retailers to efficiently publish online vehicle offers with qualified data to increase end customer leads. Manual, time-consuming compilation and preparation of the extensive information is no longer necessary.

With these ready-to-use vehicle marketing data you benefit from the perfect complement to our Vehicle Images product.


For detailed technical information, specifications, sandbox environments and access options please visit our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Data points

What marketing data does this product offer?

Improve your vehicle online offers with VIN-/FIN-based data:

  • Vehicle basic data

  • Model details

  • Engine data

  • Emission data

  • Consumption data

  • Weight & dimension

  • Wheels & rims

  • Paint

  • Upholstery

  • Trim

  • Equipment packages

  • Equipment details

The benefits

Your advantages at a glance

This Pull API provides you with vehicle marketing data for Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles to enable automated online offering of used and stock cars:

Shortened processes

Specifications immediately – vehicle goes live

Convincing customers

Improve user experience by better & consistent information

Reduced costs

Save money by automated processes

Saving time & effort

Benefit from instant access to marketing data

Advice: If you combine Vehicle Specification with our Vehicle Images product, you can also call up images and videos for each sales vehicle based on the VIN/FIN.

The product

API or Retailer Dashboard: provide prospective buyers with accurate vehicle specification information

Use fascinating possibilities to boost car sales: For an online car sales platform attractive information are key for selling the stock cars most impressively and at the same time effectively. Customers want to get the first impression of their desired Mercedes-Benz by browsing through the list of offered cars and having a look at lots of vehicle details. To satisfy their desire, Vehicle Specification can be integrated into your platform.

Automated interface:

The biggest benefits of the Vehicle Specification product come from the flexible integration of the API (data interface) into any existing system, so that the marketing data (vehicle specifications and equipment features) can be used fully automatically. Technical information can be found in our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Retailer Dashboard:

As a complement to our API, you can use the Retailer Dashboard. It provides instant manual access to vehicle equipment details without additional cost or effort. Ideal in combination with the use of the Vehicle Images product.

Get the exact equipment overview for each of your Mercedes-Benz and smart sales vehicles via interface.
The Retailer Dashboard offers numerous manual filtering options so you can get all the vehicle-specific equipment details and images (optional Vehicle Images product) you want.
Get access

Your next steps to get access to the product

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3. Integration

Integrate our interface for automatic supply of images or use our Retailer Dashboard.

4. Testing

Start testing the request of vehicle equipment details.

5. Contract

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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a collection of questions we’ve been asked by our customers.

How am I allowed to use the marketing data / vehicle equipment?

You can use the images on your own website as well as in addition on any online sales platform of your market. Reusing the data for e.g. leasing returns is also possible.

What testing possibilities do I have before buying access?

You can use the test access ("Trial") based on real data – limited to 10 calls. Further up on this page you will find the link to the API and the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

How do I get access to a business package?

Further up on this page you will find the link to the API and the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal. On the product page under "Pricing" you will find the available product package “Business Flatrate”. You can get access via the "BUY" purchase process.


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