Vehicle Status

Monitor vehicle features remotely.

Help your customers keep an eye on the status of their vehicles remotely – from door locks to reading lights

Did I lock my car? Is the light still on? Answer these and more questions for your customers – or use these insights to improve their safety & security, provide automations and ease customers' minds. Even if the connected vehicle is far away.

  • Gain knowledge about the status of various vehicle components

  • Observe potential damages or security issues remotely before they become a problem

  • Offer warning services for security purposes and damage prevention

  • Integrate chosen data points into your own application

Data points

What data access do the APIs offer?

Benefit from up-to-date information on the state of connected Mercedes-Benz vehicles:

  • vehicle lock status

  • status of the windows (front left/right, rear left/right)

  • status of the doors (front left/right, rear left/right)

  • status of sunroof

  • status of convertible top (open/closed)

  • lock status of deck lid

  • status of front reading lights (left/right)

  • status of interior light (front, rear)

  • status of reading lamp (left, right)

  • rotary light switch position

  • status of the gas tank door lock

  • liquid fuel tank level & range


Part of a creative smart home integration

The openHAB community shows in a creative way how useful this data can be in a smart home environment.

The basis for this: Our BYOCAR ("Bring Your Own Car") usage option offers the opportunity to test the Vehicle Status product in a real environment with real data.

In interaction with other APIs from Mercedes-Benz, openHAB has developed three implementations by transferring Mercedes-Benz vehicle data to the smart home system and optimizing it with new features:

  • Reminder of insufficient vehicle range

  • Warning of upcoming “bad parking weather”

  • Economical car integration into the home's energy cycle

Read more about the use case on the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

openHAB is one of the strongest players in the open source community. Innovative data products such as the Vehicle Status API are convincingly integrated into existing applications.

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a collection of questions we’ve been asked by our customers.

How does the embedding into my application work?

You can find a simple step-by-step guide on how to embed the API in your application on the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

For which models is this API available?

Vehicle Status is available for all telematics-enabled Mercedes-Benz vehicles (passenger cars and vans). A detailed model list can be found on the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

What do I have to consider legally – or how is the transfer of data legally guaranteed?

The prerequisite for the accessibility of data is a connectivity contract of the end customer with Mercedes-Benz AG or one of its sales organizations. Please remember that permission for data access is subject to the respective master user of the connectivity contract of the vehicle.

Further information about available connectivity services can be found in the following:
For passenger car customers: Mercedes me.

Mercedes me > this product requires the following services to be active for the requested Vehicle:

  • Interface to Third-Party Providers
  • Remote retrieval of Vehicle Status
How much does the data cost?

To learn more about our pricing model, please contact our product experts directly.


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