Vehicle Videos

Enhance the customer experience with vehicle videos by bringing existing Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles to life true to their equipment.

Make the customer's dream vehicle come alive and tangible with impressive videos

Hardly any car purchase is purely rational – positive emotions and feelings among customers are decisive for whether and which vehicle they buy. When presenting vehicles online, vehicle videos can help to keep customers longer on the website and better convey emotions.

The videos bring the vehicle to life and show customers in an impressive way how the car looks as a whole with its corresponding equipment. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is used to provide dealers with individual videos of the desired Mercedes-Benz or smart vehicle in order to use them to promote sales when selling cars online. Dealers can use it to expand their existing visualizations and quickly and easily integrate the vehicle videos into their own solutions. Your customers will be thrilled with the new experience.


For detailed technical information, specifications, sandbox environments and access options please visit our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Retailer Dashboard

The Retailer Dashboard (download tool) provides instant manual access to our vehicle videos, equipment images and vehicle images – for API subscribers at no additional costs or effort.

Data points

What marketing data does this product offer?

Improve your vehicle online offerings with VIN-based data:

  • Vehicle videos

  • Exterior scenes

  • Interior scenes

  • Specification scene

  • Call-to-action ending scene


Your advantages at a glance

Car sales re-imagined: request only once and present the vehicle on any platforms you are using. Request the data only once and present it on all the platforms you use. Benefit from a small measure with a big effect and convincing advantages for you and your customer.

Inspire & generate leads

Fascinate your customers

Engaging visualizations

Improve customer experience with dynamic presentation

More efficient processes

Accelerate inventory turnaround times

Save costs

Save money with automated processes

The product

API or Retailer Dashboard: Impress your customers with true-to-life vehicle videos


With Vehicle Videos, you can easily illustrate a video of the specific vehicle by using the Unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The video shows the respective vehicle in detail – from the inside and from the outside! View the vehicle color, style, rims, trim, upholstery, trim options, and more.


All text elements of the video can be modified to create a fully dealer-branded version of the videos. In addition, the videos are easy to use through a direct API payload response and easy control over the context of use of the video scenes.


We provide you with a video SDK based on the latest MP5 technology and all related information – for easy integration into your website or mobile app. 

In addition, MP4 video files are also available, which can be used for additional sales channels and your digital signage showroom players. So, it is quite easy to fully customize the videos to suit the needs of dealers.

Your access

Your next steps to be able to use Vehicle Videos

We would be happy to offer you a holistic presentation of our product in a personal meeting. Please contact us via the contact button below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

1. Log in

Sign up for your developer account, log in, and follow the instructions

2. Register your project

After logging in, you can create your first project in your console. Just click on "ADD PROJECT" and follow the instructions. Don't forget to specify the reason for payment with a valid URL.

3. Get API key

Click "GET ACCESS" below to create a subscription to the product. You will then be taken to the Console where you will find your generated API key.

4. Connect your app

Integrate the API key into your app to create real API requests.

5. Build your app

Use different API methods, as described in the specification section of our products for your app, and take a look at our code samples in the Documents section. And take off!


Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a collection of questions we’ve been asked by our customers.

How can I use the videos?

You can use the videos on your own website, as well as additionally on any online sales platform in your market. It is also possible to use the video in customer communications.

What testing options do I have before purchasing access?

You can test all product packages with the trial access with real data, limited to 10 queries. Further up on this page you will find the link to the API and the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

How do I get access to a business package?

Further up on this page you will find the link to the API and the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal. On the product page under "Pricing" you will find all available product packages. You can get access via the "BUY" purchase process.


Contact us for an individual consultation

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