Mercedes-Benz Datanight

July 2023

Stallwächterparty 2023 – Exclusive sponsoring event powered by Mercedes-Benz Data

Berlin, 6. July 2023. The traditional Stallwächterparty took place at the Baden-Württemberg State Representative in Berlin, with over 1,500 guests from politics, media, business and culture. The focus of this year's event was the innovation and future of "AI-Artifical Intelligence". Numerous companies, institutes, associations, and start-ups from the southwest region presented their latest data-driven technologies, research, exhibits, and prototypes to the audience, including Mercedes-Benz.

At the Mercedes-Benz Data Booth, visitors had the opportunity to experience the Mercedes-Benz data ecosystem up close and engage in discussions with experts. The goal of the sponsorship engagement was to present interactive showcases of data-based use cases and user experiences by Mercedes-Benz.

A clear mission took center stage: No AI without data security. Petra Bertenburg (Head of Data Monetization and Data Clearing, Mercedes-Benz AG), who represented the importance and relevance of data security, emphasized, "only by adhereing to our so-called Data Principles can we create intelligent data products from the multitude of data generated by our vehicles' sensors, which offer sustainable added value to our customers."

Mercedes Benz Data Booth

Experiencing Mercedes-Benz data innovations

Visitors of the Stallwächterparty had the opportunity to experience several highlights at the Mercedes-Benz Data Booth. From the creation of innovative products, for example, related to 'Infrastructure & Mapping', to concrete AI user experiences and insights into data security measures, exhibits, informal offerings, and live demos were provided.

Intelligent Vehicle Sensors
A central component of the booth and impossible to miss for event attendees was a partially tranparent Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC, which made the data flows within the vehicle visually tangible. The audience learned how and where the data is generated within the vehicle fleet and made available for processing in potential (AI) use cases and experiences. "The EQC is an absolute unique piece. It not only provides transparent insights into Mercedes-Benz engineering but also takes the viewer on a playful data journey", said Olaf Stelter (Mercedes-Benz Developers Community Manager, Mercedes-Benz AG).

Data Security

The guiding principles for data usage, processing, and sharing at Mercedes-Benz are known as Data Principles. Through recurring short keynote sessions conducted by Petra Bertenburg (Head of Data Monetization and Data Clearing, Mercedes-Benz AG), visitors were introduced to the significance of Data Principles in the product development process. Specific innovative measures taken by Mercedes-Benz to develop data products while safeguarding customer rights and data privacy were also highlighted. 

Data Dashboard
In another area of the Mercedes-Benz Data Booth, visitors gained insights into the Data Dashboard developed by Mercedes-Benz. Expert Hüseyin Ates (Product Owner Data Monetization and Data Clearing, Mercedes-Benz AG) guided the audience through interactive product demos, showcasing the data world of Mercedes-Benz and demonstrating potential use cases in the areas of safety, traffic, infrastructure analysis, and weather. "The Data Dashboard and its APIs offer multiple data product layers that can be individually configured. Through the user-friendly interface with numerous functionalities, data can be directly analyzed, and interfaces can be made" explained Ates.

VR Experience
A real crowd-puller at the Mercedes-Benz Data Booth and a highlight of the event was the Virtual Reality (VR) Experience. Guided by product expert Robin Porth (Manager Digital Innovation & Partnerships, Mercedes-Benz AG), visitors could immerse themselves in an interactive world and virtually configure a vehicle. For waiting guests, the exceptional VR experience was showcased on an additional monitor.

Summerfest of the State Representation

History and meaning

The term "Stallwächterparty", meaning "Stable Keeper's Party", was coined in the 1970s by the then Representative of the State of Baden-Württemburg to the Federal Government, Minister Eduard Adorno, as a concise name for the summer fesitval of the Baden-Württemburg State Representation. The Stallwächterparty can be seen as a gathering of those who "guard the stable" during the political summer break. Today, the event represents the diversity of the state in its entirety. Over the past decades, it has become one of the most important communication platforms of the political summer in Berlin for actors from politics, media, culture, society, and especially the economy.