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By Miles pay-by-mile car insurance: efficient hardware savings thanks to our API product

By Miles - the UK's leading pay-by-mile car insurance provider - uses the Mercedes-Benz “Pay As You Drive Insurance” product, giving them easy access to the mileometer (odometer) readings of connected Mercedes-Benz cars.

A convincing optimization: with the launch of By Miles' pay-as-you-drive insurance policies in 2018, the distance traveled was measured using a telematics device that a customer needed to plug into the OBD-II socket of their car. Today, the more elegant use of our “Pay As You Drive Insurance” API enables policyholders to have an easier and faster way to transmit the daily miles driven seamlessly and automatically.

About By Miles
About By Miles

By Miles is a UK startup that provides fairer, more flexible, pay-as-you-drive car insurance to those who drive fewer than 7,000 miles a year. Drivers pay a small upfront sum for an annual policy and are then billed at the end of each month for the miles they drive. This offers drivers in the UK the opportunity to cut their bills if they mostly use their cars for regular short trips or at weekends. Having launched in July 2018, the company has already seen over 100 million miles insured on its policies.

How did By Miles benefit from our “Pay As You Drive” product?

For Mercedes-Benz drivers, the implementation of our API makes this fairer kind of car insurance more appealing and quicker to set up, which is good for the customer, and for the business.

Device- & software-free

Vehicle Features / fuel-e

Now that mileage is sent via API directly from the car's mileometer, Mecedes-Benz drivers no longer have to fit the Miles Tracker from By Miles into their OBD-II socket.

Reduced operational costs

By Miles saves on hardware and shipping costs, and as the OBD-II device is no longer needed - they save on support costs too.

Increased comfort


Without the need to install additional hardware, the onboarding process has been shortened and simplified considerably. Just sign up and start benefiting from fairer rates.

With the Mercedes-Benz API, we were able to simplify and shorten the onboarding process for the customer and for us - so we can bring fairer car insurance to more drivers, much faster.

Matt Tortolani, Head of Development at By Miles

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