Success Story
Faster online offering process at Danish car dealership speeds up its vehicle sales with instantly available vehicle images

Starmark sells Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Denmark both through its Danish branches in Roskilde and Vejle and via the website Decisive for market success are not only top vehicles at good conditions, but above all, the visual presentation of the vehicles on stock and how fast the end customer can get a real first impression of the car. This is where the Mercedes-Benz API product Vehicle Images comes into play, with which Starmark has already been successfully selling Mercedes-Benz vehicles since January 2018. The data product speeds up the online offering process and hence the overall vehicle sales with instantly available vehicle images simply based on the vehicle identification number. In addition it saves costs for photo shootings and all related processes.

About Starmark
About Starmark sells Mercedes-Benz cars in Denmark and was founded by the three biggest Mercedes-Benz dealers in Denmark back in 2001. In 2017 Starmark sold over 3,000 cars through their three outlets. Vejle is the main center with 75% of the sale.

Since 9/2017 the 100% owner of Starmark has been Cofounder Ejner Hessel A/S, a private dealer with 24 sales outlets in Denmark. Todays Starmark has 40 employees and handles all cars for Ejner Hessel. Their workshop is only for preparing own cars.

How does Starmark benefit from our Vehicle Images API?

Starmark integrated our images based on the vehicle identification number on its platform. A small measure with great effect and convincing benefits for both the buyer and dealership:


Attractive cost savings and increasing revenue numbers due to immediately available imagery and automated processes


360° views for an enhanced and best possible vehicle presentation


Improved user experience through better and consistent visualization for an accelerated purchase decision process

With the Mercedes-Benz API we can present our premium vehicles even more detailed and comprehensive. A real sales accelerator – without much effort!

Morten Roth
Marketing Director Ejner Hessel A/S

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