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two S helps car dealers impress customers and boost car sales

The Vehicle Images data product provides automated access to VIN-based images of Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles. This makes the product interesting not only for Mercedes-Benz retailers, but also for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers who can conveniently integrate the data product into their own digital products for car dealerships. One of best examples is two S, a German automotive software provider based in Sittensen near Hamburg. 

With "two Sales", the company offers car dealers an all-in-one Dealer Management System (DMS) for vehicle administration, customer management, financial accounting, reporting and optimised vehicle presentations. Since 2020, Mercedes-Benz' data product Vehicle Images has been implemented in the two Sales DMS to automatically provide car dealers with high-resolution images – also as a modular component of the white-label online shop (carmazoon24) used by many dealers.

About two S
About two S

Founded in 1997 in the northern German town of Sittensen, two S GmbH is a service provider of digital solutions for process optimisation in the car trade. More than 40 employees develop and distribute products such as carmazoon24, a fully digital online shop for car dealers, the all-in-one dealer management system two Sales, social media marketing & more.

How do the customers of two S benefit from the implementation of Vehicle Images?

two S uses Vehicle Images for automated image downloads in its digital products for car retailers: two Sales DMS and the shop system carmazoon24. Top benefits included:

Time saving


No time-consuming photo shoots in different perspectives.

Cost reduction


Elimination of photographer's fees or use of staff as photographers.

Process optimisation


Images are downloaded automatically.

Quality guarantee


Consistently high quality of interior and exterior images.

The car dealer Burger Schloz Automobile from Schorndorf near Stuttgart is already using the two S shop system for sales-promoting and high-quality vehicle presentation from different perspectives.
Interfaces are the lifeblood of any software. That is why we are looking forward to digitising and accelerating processes in the dealership through the use of Mercedes-Benz data products.

Rainer Linke Executive Director, Two S GmbH

The interface description on the part of Mercedes-Benz is complete and well described, so that our planned implementation times could be perfectly adhered to.

Rainer Linke Executive Director, Two S GmbH

The connectivity between our two Sales software and the services of Mercedes-Benz digitalises and accelerates processes in the dealership. Complex manual workflows such as vehicle photography can be automated and relieve the workload on dealership staff.

Rainer Linke Executive Director, Two S GmbH

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